Romeo, Romeo…wherefore art thou Romeo?

Romeo, Romeo…wherefore art thou Romeo?

Here!! ROMEO HAS ARRIVED! (Well, actually… not yet in BC yet but I am told, it shouldn’t take much longer.)

So this is how this Romeo’s tale runs with me….

ACT 1: One of my friends from what I call “The Gin Whisperers’ Society” called Ivan Dixon (of British pedigree, of course) emails me and asks, “Have you tried Romeo’s Gin from Canada yet?”

I say, “No.”

He probably thinks “WT*^#% ?!” (But he does not know about the intra-provincial drama that plays out here….)

ACT 2: Anyway, I think to myself, “Better get me a Romeo!” So I email the distillery @ and ask if anyone sells it in BC. They refer me to the agent @ So I leave a message for the good folks at their Vancouver office with a message that somewhat translated to “Romeo, ROMEO… wherefore art thou Romeo?”

ACT 3: They call! And grant me my Romeo!
Don’t you like happy endings?! (Especially when a Romeo is involved!)

So while that little tale wrapped up, let me share with you what followed…my “ginful” moment with @

Staunch traditionalists, cover your eyes. What you are about to read might not meet your approval. However, if you are one who embraces contemporary expressions of gins, you are in for a treat. This Romeo greets you with a lavender bouquet and supports you with a gentle juniper embrace, which is followed by a kiss of refreshing cucumber and citrus zest notes. Unconventional tasting note? Why yes! So is this Romeo… though not too far from the norm. Another unmistakeable feature is the gradual escalation of heat from the alcohol. It does not attack the senses (thankfully) but graciously announces its presence and lingers as it delivers additional notes of marzipan and exotic spices on the finish. Lush palate and delightfully aromatic.

So yes, this one’s a contemporary Romeo and thank goodness for that! We all know what happened to the ol’school one!!
On a final note – does this one plays well with Tonic… ? Sure. It would be fabulous in cocktails too, but it shows its best as a sipper… at least, in this Juliet’s opinion.

Well, that’s all she wrote folks! This Canadian is delighting palates all over the world. Make sure you get your Romeo. As for those wooing for it on the West Coast… hang in there! I’ll let you know as soon as it gets here!