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From creating new, nutritious, delicious and visually appetizing recipes to finding new ways to revive old ones, all creations are tested and revised to perfection. Whether you have an in-house chef or not, this service caters to establishments of all sizes…the neighbourhood bistro as well as the larger restaurant chains.

We also develop recipes and provide other food and beverage related consulting for TV, radio and other media such as magazines and online blogs for their culinary and lifestyle segments.







Wine Lists... and more!

Create a new and exciting wine/beverage list customized to your establishment’s needs and one that also suits your patrons. Get noticed in the industry and attract accolades with an impressive wine/beverage program designed exclusively for you, by Lara Victoria. We serve businesses of all sizes, including airlines and cruise lines.





Let Lara create an impressive private cellar for you, with curated selections to reflect your taste, style…and budget. From customizing selections, to ordering, buying for, and stocking your cellar, Lara can look after it all.

We create customized cellar selections for individuals with private cellars as well as for businesses, including food service establishments and retail liquor stores.

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We creating settings to bring food photography to life. From creative plating to complementing accessories, details are sumptuously arranged to explain the culinary narrative of each image.

Whether you are creating a cookbook, considering to food and beverage photography to your repertoire as a photographer, or looking to create visually inviting images for culinary articles and programs in magazines, online publications or television shows, Lara Victoria will create that “picture-prefect” image for you!



Lara constructs stunning vistas with an eye for detail and expert design acumen for home design photography in editorial articles and set designs for lifestyle magazines, television productions and online blogs. Whether you need to create a cozy cabin setting, or set a table for Lords and Ladies, take advantage of Lara Victoria’s unmistabeable design style.

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If it is food, wine, spirits, sake, lifestyle, etiquette or something to do with hospitality, Lara has something to write about it! Expert reviews, insightful observations, mindful opinions and carefully examined facts unfold in eloquently arranged words that engage the reader and invite their imagination in to the core of the topic.

In addition to contributing editorial articles for lifestyle magazines and online publications, Lara also provides technical writing for food and beverage websites, promotional materials such as shelf talkers for wines, spirits, sake and other beverages, as well as writing expert reviews on these products.

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As one of Vancouver’s most qualified hospitality professionals Lara Victoria provides academic and general interest courses in all aspects of the industry. From customized training for hospitality staff to teaching individuals who wish to pursue their general interest in food and beverage, or industry professionals looking for career advancement, Lara teaches a program you might need!

Learn about our  hospitality services on our sister site, Cru Classe Hospitality Corp.  and browse  courses including the industry recognized WSET certifications. Be one of the lucky ones to be trained by Lara Victoria!

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Have an event coming up? Let Lara design an exquisite event that will create fond, lasting memories for you and your guests. Customized event planning services include everything from permit sourcing, venue management, catering, bar, décor, entertainment, photography, party favours… and all those personal touches that make your event unique and memorable… without all the stress! From weddings and cocktail soirées to fundraising galas and so much more… go ahead, throw a party with Lara Victoria!

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