Mindful Living

Be mindful

Let's end hunger

turn intention into action

While we indulge in discussions and images about food; how to present and enjoy it creatively and accessorize it with drink pairings, serving temperatures and garnishes, we cannot forget that for many people in our world, food is not even accessible. As a fundamental and basic human need, why should so many on this earth still go hungry, while so many more simply waste it? Let us mindfully decide to make a difference.

 Be genuinely interested. Get involved to inspire change. Invite good folks like yourself to extend their time, talent and treasure in an effort to end hunger. Make a difference in any way you can.

Here are some worthy causes you can support:

The Hunger Project

Quest Food Exchange

Breakfast Club of Canada

Please look to support food banks and other local needs in your community as well.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you!



do good. feel good.

Whenever you book Lara Victoria for any of the Lifestyle Services you have not only made a smart choice, but a good one. Lara Victoria donates a portion of net income towards charities working to end hunger internationally and at home. You can make a difference.

Thank you.