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ARTICLE : Leftover makeover! Easy Ramen bowl

Ever find a bunch off leftovers in your fridge that seem uninspiring on their own? Why not put them together to create an ever so appetizing snack or meal! Try this bright and tasty bowl of Ramen to liven up a cool, wet day!

Cook up a bowl of ramen noodles. Then add any veggies you may have. Look for some protein – fish, chicken, beef, sausages, bacon…anything? Add it. Season to match your mood; get spicy with pepper, savoury with seaweed or soya, or sweeten up with ketsup manis. Top with a fried organic egg… and enjoy!


VIDEO : Plating techniques  

How to plate wilted vegetables with braised broth

Place the greens on the plate first and then ladle the broth around it. This prevents the greens from over-wilting and maintains its texture and vibrant colour that captures one’s eye…and palate!